The Tux Lady's
Measuring Techniques
It is extremly important that your measurements be taken properly! We strongly advise that you go to your local tux shop and have this done. Then go home and recheck them following the chart below. If you follow this chart your tux will fit beautifully when you arrive. We do have to charge for alterations so please be careful. Be sure to include your Height, Weight and Shoe size. If you know the size coat you normally wear please write that in also. Tuxedo pants are not worn below the waist so be sure to do the waist measurement at the naval. Please do not give us measurements that are more than 30 days old.






From the top of the head to the floor (without shoes) is the height. Most people know their height.   This measurement is taken with the coat off around the body. Place the tape line well up under the arms, straight across the back, over the blades and over the chest in the front.   This is taken with the coat off, around the body in the same manner and position where the chest was measured, but this time including both arms. The normal difference between thes measurement and the chest is 8" unless you are muscular.






This is taken with the coat off, around the body. Place the tape measure directly over the shirt, just above the hip bones and through the navel.   This measurement is taken with the coat off, around the body. Place the tape line directly over the pants around the largest part of the seat. Remove all bulky objects from pockets.   Measure from the side of the waist at the height of the naval down to one inch from the floor in your bare feet. You do not want your pants to touch the floor.




Measure with collar unbuttoned. Place the tape around the neck at the level the collar would fall if buttoned. At the lowest part.   With arms at side, place the end of the tape measure at the nape of the neck and measure over the to of the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist.

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