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Tuxedos in Maui


Because of the number of photographs this page will take a few minutes to load. If you wish to see the different styles available on Maui please be patient! You can then go to our on line order form if you wish to order. If you order a tuxedo, you must come for a fitting as soon as you arrive on Maui. Measurements should be taken by a professional or by following the instructions on our measurement technique sheet. If the tuxedo measurements are not done properly and we have to do alterations, there will be a $5.00 charge for each cuff. It is a good idea to order your tuxedo at least 3 weeks in advance. If you are just renting a tux you will want to call us on arrival for a fitting at this local number, 249-8484.We are located in Wailuku. If planning last minute a tuxedo can be available for you in 24 hours. We can measure you on arrival and have your tux ready the following day. However there is an additional rush charge of $35 on a Friday or Saturday order.

Our tuxedos come with everything but the socks. A standard tuxedo rents for $140. The Premier Collection or Tails rent for $160. Wing collar shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, studs and cuff links, and plain black patent leather lace up shoes are included. You may order a matching vest in place of cummerbund at no extra charge. A cummerbund and matching is included. A vest or designer vest and tie will cost $20.00 extra. If you order a banded collar shirt with a button cover or the colored laydown shirt there is an extra charge of $10.00. We also carry special shoes at an additional charge of $20.00.

Convention Pricing is a little different. From 1 to 20 tuxedos you would use the catalogue pricing. Anything over 20 tuxedos and you will get a discount. With 20 tuxedos or more your price per tuxedo would be $130.00 for your choice of tuxedo. This price includes a matching cummerbund and tie. Designer Vests and Ties would be additional. If you have questions just give us a call at the 800 number below!

For weddings you will need to note the color of the brides dress. Both the wing and banded collar now come in white or ivory.

Most tuxedos are available in boys sizes starting with size 3 and up!

If you would like us to deliver your tuxedo to your resort and do a fitting there for your convenience there is a charge of $35.00. You must return the tuxedo to our shop the day after use by noon except on Sundays. For conventions there will be a special pick up location. The Tux Lady does have a pick up service. There is a charge of $25.00 for this service and you must leave it at the front desk of your hotel or condo by 9:00am the following morning. If your tuxedo is not returned on time you will be charged half of the rental fee per day.

Standard Tuxedos and Suits - $140.00

maui tuxedo rental
Black One Button
Notch Lapel

maui tuxedo rental
White One Button
Notch Lapel

maui tuxedo rental
Destination Suit
Tan or Brown

maui tuxedo rental
Standard Black
Business Suit

maui tuxedo rental
Black Demetrios Pegasus
Mandarin Collar

maui tuxedo rental
2 Button Peak Lapel

maui tuxedo rental
One Button Shawl
Lapel - Black or White

maui tuxedo rental
White La Vida
4 Button

maui tuxedo rental
Prado 3 Button
Available White and Ivory

White Pegasus
No Boutonniere Needed

maui tuxedo rental
Chaps 2 Button
Notch Lapel

maui tuxedo rental 
2 Button
Double Notch Lapel 

maui tuxedo rental
2 Button
Black Shawl Lapel

maui tuxedo rental
Double Breasted
Peak Lapel 

maui tuxedo rental
Galacia Double
Breasted - Peak

maui tuxedo rental

Dinner Jackets

This is a great option for a morning or more casual but dressy look, If you do not want to be completely formal.

Shown with White Dinner Jacket
and Black Pants.Cummerbund and Tie

Premier Collection - $160
Includes any Tailcoat and all 4 button and 5 button tuxedos and others shown below!

maui tuxedo rental
3 Button Notch Lapel
Black with White Pin Stripe

maui tuxedo rental
After Six
Diamond White

 maui tuxedo rental
White with Black
Pin Stripe 

 maui tuxedo rental
Black Mirage by
Jean Yves - Buttonless

 maui tuxedo rental
White Mirage by
Jean Yves - Buttonless

maui tuxedo rental
4 Button Notch
Available in White Also

maui tuxedo rental
White Zoot Suit

Black Zoot Suit

White Tail with Notch Lapel. Has matching regular coat. See above

Tail Coat
with Shawl Lapel

Different Lapel Styles (coat collars)



Shirts and Accessories

Banded Collar with Button Cover in White or Ivory - $10

Wing Collar Shirt
White or Ivory

Laydown or Spread Collar
White, Ivory and Black

Designer Vests and Ties - $20 extra charge
 All vests below do come in different colors as well!
High cut vests are in style!







After Six
Below are different style collars and ties!

Bow Tie

Four in Hand

Button Cover

Four In Hand Tie
Color Availability (wear with vest)


Galante Slide Tie


Aries Striped Slider




Bow Ties Colors (available with matching cummerbunds)

Match toVests

Also Available: Hawaiian Ties, Cummerbunds and Vests


Your tux will include a matching lace up shoe like the one on the left at no extra charge. The the Black and White is $20 extra.


We only carry the styles you see in this page. If we do not have what you want you may want to bring your tuxedo with you when you come.

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